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How To Survive Travel Upheavel During Covid19

Don't get frustrated today, you get proactive! Learn travel insider tips of effective and proactive strategies today how you can become what I strongly feel is valid and necessity this day of age - a Proactive Traveler that knows what to expect by asking the right questions. But what about travelers consumers? How are they coping with months of delays in refunds requests held up with the airline carriers as they maneuver through uncharted waters? 

In working in the travel industry, in particular luxury resorts and condos for leisure traveling to for the prominent player in the travel industry, American Express Platinum Travel Services & Lifestyle Services - in which, the forecasted trend of the ongoing awareness to Convid19  the outlook indicates many still challenges to most airline carriers, hotels and even car rental vendors to when to open up fully capacity. This dilemma creates the uncertainty and lead to travelers depressions as well as anxiety to cope or make effective proactive decisions.

My experience in the lodging and air flights industry provided a perspective of both sides in knowing the best way to avoid high stress, depression, and anxiety that leaves you with limited choices. Below are quick tips for you to check your flight tickets, hotel bookings, or car rental with strategies to be ready when the change in travel goes back to allowing more capacity and or availability. 


As of today, the new thing to travel is local nearby lodging while the airlines still recoup the change in travel, so take heed to the following:


  1. -If you booked air travel, you need to make sure you gather up your ticket numbers. Why? Well that is the mother of all record to everything you paid for and what is allowed. Refrain thinking that because what you saw on T.V. there is a crisis pandemic that every airline will automatically give up the cash refund. Nope! They have a bottom-line of profit, that exceeds the normal processing resulting months - up to six months or more. And that is only if your ticket fare rules stated you have a "refundable ticket" compared to nonrefundable ticket. Many times I talked to travelers either business excursions or causal travel for air and they automatically think that their bought ticket will be refunded. Use the strategy to talk to your travel agent or directly with the airline for an exception. It is not guaranteed but it is worth a try.
  2. Right now, there are some airlines - such as - Delta that are allowing changes and or a voucher you will hear that reflects up to 2022 of December travelers can change their flights without any change fee penalty. Contact your airline specifically for details. That is why knowing your ticket number, that you can get from your corporate travel agent / agency or airline can assist in keeping a record and writing down what is allowed, the dates  you have to select new flights schedule (even if the Convid19 continues to be an issue) most foreign airlines require you to choose new dates "before your initial departure date" so be on top of knowing those key details because if you do not make a decision by initial flight date, that could be a no show and you lose all your ticket validity towards a new credit voucher for flights. 
  3. If you had a hotel booking and you will not be flying to that location after all, then you need to contact the hotel to see they will waive any penalties. In most cases due to to the Convid19 they will not and they will ask to provide new dates to update. Or, the hotel or resort will cancel the booking completely. This is the proactive way as well mention above to contact them with a decision if you wish to do either - cancel out right or pick new dates. Trust me, this is the time while travel is slow-to-medium steady to when it goes full throttle the other directly. 
  4. If you had a car rental booking you are most likely only running into arriving to pick up and the reserved car is not there. The car rental vendor ran out of cars? Really? Well, the often have limited cars and allow an over booking or they had enough but that particular driver in the BMW wanted, for instance, well he needed the car one more day. Someone got to pick up the Starbucks! So that domino effect of rearranging cars left you with nothing. Use the strategy to call ahead of time, preferably the day before they close (3-4 hours) that way they can gauge everything is fine.



Lastly, you should check out my new Flight Record Book as the go to be a "Proactive Traveler" especially in today's world of business corporate travel or causal leisure lifestyle travel that being in the know is a must. 

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Also, for great note-taking the Just Because Collection now available when you must write down your business or leisure travel bookings of hotel lodging or car rental details. New release for the Proactive Traveler Notebook is stylist and productive that anyone can carry to be ready for that moment.

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 Don't let depression and anxiety stop you for getting in those weeds of travel to know what, who, what, where you need to be. Due to the Convid19 pandemic, the normal of travel have changed for now and data as well as proactive strategies are a must to survive your journey for your mental peace and joyfulness to the experience. 


If you have any questions regarding your travel plans that had recently due to the Convid19 pandemic canceled, dates pushed out, then comment below with your questions or contact by email info@nichelanderson.com for some proactive strategies for your travel plans. 


Choose each day to succeed. Happy Journey Travels!

-Nichel Anderson 


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