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"To Define Your Worth Is Important"

In this podcast, Episode 95 "Define Your Worth" the host Nichel Anderson discussed why it is so important to Define Your Worth that will lead to your mental peace forward moving to a better life. The pursuit for a happier and joyful life is knowing who we are in the position of this world.

Check out the audio here: "To Define Your Worth Is Important' - Episode 95 

We struggle in our earlier years to define that identity and purpose that most of the times we find ourselves on the wrong path attached to things or people we should never interacted. Why is the importance to define your worth? Find out in this podcast episode, as Ms. Anderson in her usual traditions "go there" to outline the top three identifies to why and what you can do about it when you realize you were not defining your worth. It is ok. We are all learning and the opportunity to balance out that which no longer serves us provide another chance to get back on the right path.

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0:02 - Welcome my Survivors to  the Journey of Life

5:40 - How to identify those that refuse to respect you and on a mission to redefine your life.

10:35 - The 3rd reason to define your worth

10:53 - Reflection, this is a must-listen part of summary of today's theme topic :

  • (10:54 "Circle of Life") and
  • (12:13 "Cookies are the best representation of appreciating your being here to enjoy the experience we call Life") and ***(13:53 - "I deserve.... I deserve... I deserve" -- Use these powerful affirmations to redirect your mind, body, spirit, and soul towards a more mental peaceful plateau of emotions)

14:21 - Nichel Anderson closing remarks -- stay connected -- follow on twitter.com and facebook.com

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