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Nichel Anderson podcast show "Surviving Your Journey Towards Success" demographics are geared towards both male and female seeking a better understanding of life choices in their person and professional career lives. In this breakdown, the core demographics and audiences that tap into the podcast show currently bimonthy to deliver a one of a kind podcast show listening experience:


Information About Podcast Show - Surviving Your Journey

Preferred platform of curated podcast shows of Nichel Anderson episodes will be iHeartRadio?



Show Genre - Core Audience

Ms. Anderson following is both social media and offline. In which, the social profile is growing with demographics of age groups from 22 years old and older, mostly college educated to Ph.d Level. Demographics locations are global, ranging from Europe, Asia, India, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Africa and the Caribbean. About 62% are males with 38% women and 75% work in profession from IT to Manufacturing, The highest traffic of interests to Ms. Nichel Anderson social profiles with substantial engagement are between the hours of 8am to 11am, Monday to Friday with Saturday as a mid point increase of engagement slight between hours of 1pm to 3pm.


The pursuit to help listeners in the workplace as well as their personal life’s goals that brings them (1) joy (2) success (3) mental peace by proven tactics:  effective motivational quotes, advice, knowledge, and information that Ms. Anderson’s believe and sprout a bountiful harvest for listeners. Ms. Anderson is the national published author of “Corporate America: Surviving Your Journey Towards Success” that was featured in the Essence Magazine as “The Corporate Climber Bible for Professionals” - which the podcast will highlight these literary themes throughout episodes. In addition, Ms. Anderson is an active Director and Producer in the entertainment industry and will highlight cultural events, from stage to film, that she is apart of along with fellow creative professionals.


Podcast show mission is to inspire by providing insightful, positive, and informative strategies that encourages listeners to accomplish their goals, effectively deal with their emotional painful struggles, and to improve interpersonal skills both professionally and personally. The objective is to build a global initiative that hones the prospect that positive output among different cultures and languages can result in solidarity to a joyful life.  


Motivational narrator from quotes to statements relating to a particular topic both professionally and personally that inspire listeners to take action. Further, the scope is to provide strategies that aims to offer a different and new perspective that encourages effective decision making that brings the listener closer to their dream, purpose, and road to mental peace and joy leading to success. Guest speakers will be interviewed to showcase their knowledge and expertise to assist listeners seeking the right roadmap to their successful outcome.


You can reach customer support with any questions or additional required data for your objective to collaborate with Nichel Anderson via Podcast Show "Surviving Your Journey Towards Success" contact today via email at info@nichelanderson.com 


Every podcast show episodes from prior to current can be reviewed since conception of the show in 2017 at the following best distribution platforms that keeps the episodes in chronically order: iHeartRadio or Spotify.


Preferred platform of curated podcast shows of Nichel Anderson episodes will be iHeartRadio?


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