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Podcast Show "Surviving Your Journey Towards Success"

Surviving Your Journey Towards Success Podcast Show

Nichel Anderson Podcast Show:
"Surviving Your Journey Towards Success"
Podcast Show Notes for Season 5 2021-2022
Nichel Anderson Podcast Show aims to inspire and motivate you with effective strategies to get your mental peace, joyfulness in your heart, and live the best life that you were born to experience with the right outlook through the power of your choice. In doing so, you can reach true happiness, peace without anxiety or depression and start on your purpose path of abundance. 
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  • Regular season is from September to May.
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  • Summer Break - is during the off regular season months from June to August releasing one time a month on Mondays by 10:00 am EST for the lead up to to regular new season in the fall in September of that year. 


Podcast Show Premiere: September 13, 2021:

9/13/2021 :

*Regular Season Returns - Premiere Show "Topic: How to tell your work processes are effective" Epi #97

9/27/2021 : 

– Show Topic How to determine your brand align to internal work flows Pt2 Epi #98

10/11/2021 :

– Show Topic  “When you know change it's needed in you” Pt3 Epi #99

10/25/2021 :

Show Topic  “When you went to change careers but don't know how” Epi #100

11/8/2021 :

Show Topic  “How to accept change” Pt 1 Epi #101

11/22/2021 :

- Show Topic “The Road to forgiveness in the pathway to mental peace” Pt2 Epi #102

12/06/2021 :

- Show Topic “The Road to Forgiveness stands forth on balance" Pt3 Epi #103

12/20/2021 :

- Show Topic "Choose happiness that align with truth, Epi #104

1/3/2022 :

- Show Topic “How to be the best in life" Epi #105

1/17/2022 : 

- Show Topic “How to accept someone else's success” Epi #106

2/7/2022 :

- Show Topic  “How to stop Mr. Worry delaying your path to mental peace.” Epi #107

2/21/2022 :

- Show Topic “When Mr. fear crew lie you wrap into your destiny” Epi #108

3/7/2022 :

- Show Topic “Why wipe strategize your best method towards happiness” Ep i#109

3/21/2022 :

- Show Topic “Revisiting why old emotional pain returns and how to imerge” Epi #110

4/4/2022 :

- Show Topic “Why creating team building keeps workplace energies strong” Epi #111

4/18/2022 :

- Show Topic “How to be a prestige leader 2022” Epi #112

5/2/2022 :

- Show Topic “When it best time to open continue trash” Epi #113

5/23/2022 :

- Show FINALE Topic “How to get peace and happiness in your life” - Epi #114 - Before Summer Break 2022 June to the end of August


Summer Break 2022 Schedule Below:

June 27, 2022

July 25, 2022

August 29, 2022


Season 6, 2022-2023 Premiere on September 19, 2022


 Nichel Anderson Podcast Show Surviving Your Journey Towards Success


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