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Ziavi Lume Methodist School - Mathias Tulasi - CEO Ambassadors of Literacy

   Reading 📚  Is The Building Blocks For Changing The World To A Peaceful Reality For Everyone - By joining the cause of the importance of literacy with Mr. Mathias Tulasi, the CEO Ambassadors of Literacy in Ghana, the mission continues onward.

The immediate needs are seven that the currently wishes to have that will empower them forward as well as the communities in Africa for a mission of hope, learning, and bridging the gap in generations to love reading and aspire for their greater purpose in life. 

*Listen to one Mr. Tulasi and guests podcast interview and be inspired :

*A Live Podcast Show on Podbean with a panelists of Educators will join Nichel Anderson in a live show with listeners can call in to ask questions, share their perspectives on the importance of reading and offer any additional knowledge -to- action that improves the scope for such an agenda:









To read up on the Special Guests of Educators you can click below names:

Mathias Tulasi

Bernice Amegede - Mawusi

Edem Kusorgbor



You want to donate to the school 📚  and support Mr. Tulsai mission to create the next future leaders? Check out the below needed resources: 

1. Library

2. Books with engagement, pictures, audio books, etc.

3. Computers

4. Lab

5. Transportation, van, pickup truck

6. Projector, speakers to present visual content of program initiatives

7. Laptop, for their traveling into communities promoting literacy 


Ziavi Lume Methodist School Ghana - nichelanderson.com

There Are Several Ways To Give:


a) Mail a check or send resources directly to:

Ziavi Lume Methodist School

P.O.B 50, HO

Ghana-West, Africa 


b) Wire Transfer use +233-0243735430


c) Directly to one of the school educator administer and CEO of Literacy of Ambassadors of Ghana via Paypal.com   or copy / paste direct link :


Or you can directly send an email to mathiastulasi665@gmail.com


d) Sending items big or small packages instead are welcome, please contact Mr. Tulasi via twitter direct message @TulasiMathias or you can reach Mr. Tulasi on whatsapp +233-0200255295.




CEO, Mathias Tulasi - Ambassador of Literacy in Ghana, Africa


CEO Mathis Tulias Ambassador of Literacy In Africa - nichelanderson.com


Mathias is from the Volta Region of Ghana:

And, I reflect a varied personality including determination, courage and the qualities of generosity, nation building, empowerment and thoughtfulness.

I am an avid reader, well determine and a vigorous individual yet very calm and humble.

I am a professional teacher and currently teaching at Ziavi Lume Methodist JHS.

I am motivated by the love for reading and writing and succeeding as l thrive to become an outstanding and successful literacy advocate in my country today with the definitive goal of becoming a literacy specialist.

After completing Teacher Training College and teaching for some years, l studied BA Publishing Studies at Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology (KNUST) and currently planning to do my masters in a literacy related field. I will be glad if anyone is ready to assist me in that regard.

Through my passion for reading, writing and poetry etc, l established Literacy Ambassadors Ghana (LAG) thus a nonprofit organisation with the mission of providing basic reading and writing skills for school pupils, youth, pregnant women, parents in Ghana and in Africa at large.

I am always excited seeing children engage in reading, writing and poetry related activities and always moving from one community to the other to do reading promotion activities.

I strongly believe that a reading nation is a winning nation and hence the need to achieve literacy for all.

I am married and by the grace of God we are having a beautiful girl child.


Thank you for your support!

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