How to tell your work processes are effective

Why identifying your work processes provides a greater opportunity to be more efficient and bring forth higher morale amongst your work team employeers? Because it releases the blockages to get the job duties done that produces a great emotional reward for employees as well as management that in turn the customer has a wonderful experience in the interaction / apart of that work processes.

In this podcast, Episode 97 “How to tell your work processes are effective” with host, Nichel Anderson, discussing the identifiers critical to longtime success within your organizations and/or work teams. Find out how to deciper if your processes are on track for efficiency or latency to deliver the outcome to your targeted demographic as well as to the mental peace of your employees. Work processes define your profitability, but more importantly it defines your employees motivational-morale-meter to continue to work for you as they gain their mental peace and self-worth forward.

  1. Wisdom Point 2) – “When we identify the root causes of work processes blockages, we allow free thought, positivity, and morale to increase to higher levels that estatic to be apart of”

Why: Is this so?  Lack of organized processes doesn’t promote your brand, rather it defines inefficient and not care for all those apart of the cycle. How we can tell this matters and it is so deals with the feedback, surveys, high turn over, etc.

Who: Are we talking about?  Organizations and work teams that just cant get anything off the ground and lack that innovative vibe that attracts producing a popular emotional effect.

What :   

Strategies to succeed:  How can you identify work processes that needs a revamp? Yes, by the feedback and surveys, but more importantly you got to get into the weeds and see for your self how the processes are interacting and affecting work employees and customers. You cant do it to micro-manage, nope that is a weak leadership position.. you have to be in the weeds and listen to the cues and expression by your customers and employees. Maybe your systems that you spent so much on really is slow than a snail or turtle…. The point is acceptance to receive the success you desire.

Your Task To Dusk To Dawn : 

  1. You need to get in the driver seat and actually do the work. Have separate teams on your research project of this to do so too.
  2. You need to have a outside team to perform the analysis as well as do some of the processes.
  3. You need a lot of data so expand this from 30-90 days to complete such a project and make sure to repeat this each season of your business, the busy times and slow times to understand if your process is working during each.
  4. Feedback is very important as it steer you to where you need to look more into or to immediate implement the upgrade.
  5. Finally stop being emotional attached to a word or excel spreadsheet that YOU spent all those hours to make it pretty. At this point, who cares if you are the only one using it in a way to admire your artwork .. when the actual people that are impacting (employee and customer) have to endure the stressful process to meet every point of reference. It’s not about you, it is about the work process environment.

Motivational Takeaway :  

“Work processes should be a streamlined and expedient way that process quality end result from the employee representing the company to the customer. Once things get complicated to complete tasks, it becomes a bothersome. Don’t be those that refuse to look at the failures of their work processes, rather be the leader to adjust and adjust until it works well for everyone.”

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