“When to know a change is needed in your workplace”

In today’s workplace, change in management or resources along with team building activities are a must for a proactive strategy to make changes necessary for a successful business blueprint. In this podcast, Episode 99 “When to know a change is needed in your workplace” with host, Nichel Anderson, discussing the importance to know when change is needed in your workplace that demonstrates low morale, high turnovers of employees, when overtime is offered, and employees rather avoid being there even when the extra money is offered then this podcast episode is for your strategy moving forward.


  1. Important Point 1) –  When your meterics and industry trends says your are outdated in your approach both internally and externally. We have to remember this that: Change is a good thing, but difficult to endure in any workplace mainly due to acceptance required.
    1. b) Wisdom Point 2) –  When we are open to change, we grow especially in the workplace that innovation and motivation is key.

Why: Is this so?  Being bored with the same issues or product isn’t on the to do list to motivate employees and management that can sell it to the customer – thus any company seeking to know is it time to change it up and the cost of that change that can impact the employees as well as customers. But change is needed to grow and a necessity, but it is the way the change is implemented that is key.

Who: Are we talking about?  When to know it is time for a change, when the response is little bit than dry, lack luster, you cant get anybody to be motivated about it instead there is a lot of push back -so either 1) the change is happening to often people get disengage because it will change again so why get all plugged in and motivated about it (2) people in the workplace also get use to what works and don’t understand why the change is necessary (3) but overall the root of it often deals with the last change or agenda isn’t working to the metrics set forth, so a change is imperative.

What :   can you do about it to make it acceptable ? This is where the when to know comes into play because you will communicate that to your employees, staff investors, customers in a professional and caring way to why, when, and how.. using this old school is the best school approach assists you in developing an acceptance from the audience you have to lead into the new changed organization.

Strategies to succeed:  Learning when to change things up deals with

 (a) understanding your industry trends for either workplace technology to departments organization that creates a great synergy

(b) using a procedural way to gather that data into a professional rollout of change assists in the acceptance

(c) and most important strategy create you a report code journal to document the last change to when you decided to change again and make sure it is not every 90 days or less or 180 days – instead a year is minimal but longer than that 2 yrs or 3yrs more better remember your employees are doing the same tasks day in and day out and get in the mood to how things work so any drastic changes can hinder their motivation to even wanting to stay longer to LEARN something new.

Your Task To Dusk To Dawn : 

Monitor the last change to decide if it is working for you and the organization. Study the industry trends and upgrade in appropriate ways. Implement the dates far in advance so change is not sudden or rush to deter a message you do not care about the mind set and calming effect required with change is rapid, rush to only then having to change it again later. Management has to remember the job that employees do is a part of their lives not their whole life existence.

Motivational Takeaway :  When we accept change, we accept progress forward.


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