“The Road to Forgiveness Part 1 | The pathway to mental peace”

In this focus, the two part series again discussing the topic on balance for emotional grounding for inspiration upwards to the better mindset and mood forward moving dealing with the difficult topic of forgiveness, what is it and who does it benefit.

In this podcast, Episode 102 “The Road to Forgiveness Part 1 – the pathway to mental peace” with host, Nichel Anderson, discussing the pathway to get your state of mind in peace and joyfulness that produces a way to cope with stress, anxiety, and fear that delivers your blissful life purpose. In Ms. Nichel Anderson themed of “Forgiveness” she returns this season in a two part series again discussing this topic that she likes to phrase “forgiveness is earned not given if the person or entity organization hasn’t repented.

  1. Important Point 1) –  When we seek mental peace, we must identify those that causes the unrest and remove them from our lives and refrain to forgiving when no repentance is applied to fully apologize by action of deeds.
    1. b) Wisdom Point 2) – Everyone reap what they sow and therefore must not seek forgiveness for it doesn’t balances the negative deeds of others.

Why: Is this so?  Universal perspective everything must be in balance, thus, when forgiveness is address in modern day terms it has always been taught to me growing up that it just a card deck to give out without ever questioning the negative person that did the deeds to repent…they apologize, some of them sometimes and that’s it we move on…well the emotional unbalance doesn’t go away it sits there and then more crap is poured on …or worst the situation was so bad that your mind had to shut it down and bury it so it comes back up later and that person that caused it still wont admit it or really repent …they either go silent or a unrepentive apology….Forgiveness is earned not given…

Who: Are we talking about?  The path towards mental peace is for everyone that seeks a way to live without their mind going in variety of ways that causes distress and anxiety and /or depression. People.

What :   the ways towards mental peace dealing with forgiveness…in this episode I mention that sometimes we get apologies and that person automatically egoistically think they are forgiven…ok how many of them actually stopped their behavior? I betcha not many…and if it is in the family their egoistical sickness immediately think they can continue to do their negative deeds on the sly and you are bound by family to continue to accept it by forgiving them…ok let me speak on that.. HECK NO !! Jesus mention in the last days that the enemy will being in your own family…and here we are. What you reap you will sow, no matter how or what family or friend hut you arrived in … you are what you do not what you say or within a family or friend or accquanitance …it do not matter.

Once you realize that forgiveness is earned and not given..guess what…you get your mental peace. You have to deal with the emotional scars, but you will get your mental peace. The air will be clearner..food will taste better…you smile more…laugh with the most positive energy around and loving your life.

Strategies to succeed:

  1. Just say this daily… “forgiveness is earned not given.”

Your Task To Dusk To Dawn : 

  1. Do this …. “ignore those that repeat hurtful things to you and denounce your value in your face but behind your back they are in awe of your success, intellect, beauty within your soul spirit” and you will move forward.

Motivational Takeaway :   “Choose to be happy and you will get on the path towards your mental peace.”


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